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Ariel Peterpan, Luna Maya And Cut Tari

Cut Tari
Cut Tari Sextape

Luna Maya
Luna Maya Sextape

Now this is some HOT STUFF !!!

Did not know Indonesian chicks are rather hot. And are pretty awesome in the sack.

Since his screwing abilities are pretty good, he shall be known forth as Ariel Peterporn ;)

Here is Cut Tari with the now infamous lol Peterporn of Indonesia doing it in the bedroom, pretty awesome humping going on here. She sure does love getting nailed, and it also seems that Peterporn was screwing somebody else as well (as in cheating and screwing ;) ), both chicks were fighting via Twitter, this is an instant classic. Well done Peterporn. Now this chicks name is Luna Maya.

This guy is actually facing prison time just for having fun, the two girls also are facing possible sentencing. 

Cut Tari Luna Maya Sextape

Cut Tari Luna Maya Sextape

Keep that camera rolling Peterporn.

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